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Kinship Battle




2018 AW collection "Kinship Battle" is influenced by the film 'Royal Tenenbaums'. A film set in the 70's based on a family with child prodigies. After being disconnected with each other for many years, on a random winter's day all the members of the Tenenbaums family reunited.
The reunion led to a series of strange events.

Like every family, the childhood memories of the designer are filled with bittersweet moments. Sabrina uses toy guns, marbles, paper dolls, rockets, and retro posters that represent the quarrels and sweet memories between siblings. Embroidery is used to show the close bond of a family, while wool and faux fur is used to represent the affectionate warmth given by family.

The silhouettes of this collection draw influence from the 70's, with the use of surreal prints. Sabrina deconstructs these surreal prints to create a new and unique print. The collection's clean-cut silhouettes bring out an elegant and sophisticated charm. The careful tailoring use of Neoprene fabric allows the garment to move freely with the body. The 2018 AW collection consists of Wool, Neoprene, Faux Fur, and Twill fabrics that are produced and
manufactured in Taiwan, with sporty detail added for comfort. The combined blend of inspiration and thoughts have become the spiritual motif of this year's Autumn and Winter




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