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The Warmth of Historical Street
The inspiration for 2018SS “The warmth of historical street” mainly stems from being a
world traveler, the prospect of getting home soon unfolds all homecoming emotions.
Slowly strolling down on the Hukou historic street, soon to encounter the Japanese built
Baroque architecture.; 1940 Taiwanese style Majolica tiles, Hakka traditional printed
cloth and furthermore, Hakka twine flowers(CHAN-HUA). Sabrina has deconstructed
and reassembled art paintings to create daring and unique patterns, and accentuated
the contrast with Hakka traditional clothing, which has inspired the blue dress
adornment. The thoughtful tailoring of twill fabrics implements garments that perfectly
interact with the movement of the body and also the collection has blended sporty
elements into it and is hence more comfortable to wear. The result is vibrant, delivering
an unafraid verve and sophisticated charm.
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